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Mandatory Core system prototypes

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Mandatory Core and System prototypes available for download to deploy a local Arrowhead cloud.

The prototypes have been implemented using existing components of Linux and some custom developed components. The custom developed components are all implemented in JAVA as web applications running in a web application server environment (Glassfish version 3). The prototypes are bundled in an ISO file, including operating system, webapp server and the components. This ISO file is available for download as a separate package and should be the basis for setting up a local Arrowhead cloud.

Content of the Core Systems prototype ISO:


Description of the Core systems prototype implementation and the download guidance of the ISO here.

In addition it is also possible to obtain simpler Service Discovery

Some notes regarding setting up a local Arrowhead Cloud

  • Please follow the instructions! - The prototype installation instruction is tested and will produce a deterministic installation, as long as all steps are performed in proper order. The error handling and error recovery of the installation process is not very mature and mistakes/shortcuts often result in a need for a complete restart of the installation process.
  • There are some dependencies to different versions in the ISO, which are not explicitly stated. Recommendation if the user want to have their own versions of some software is to install the ISO as is and check out the specific dependencies. Then test to change versions/applications and verify the functions again.
  • You should be familiar with setting up a certificate infrastructure. The Core Framwork uses x.509 certificates to authenticate services. Thus, you have to be able to generate and install certificates in the environment. The Management Tool have some tools to handle the issue in the Glassfish environment.
  • The setup of DNS-SD have proven to be complex, especially with the TSIG infrastructure. Please make yourself familiar with the concept before installing the prototypes.