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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Philippe Nappey Contact Philippe Nappey Admin View
bernard Bony Contact bernard Bony Admin View
Stéphane ROUGES Contact Stéphane ROUGES Admin View
Bugs 419 potential memory leak in discovery 34 Months Ago 34 Months Ago
Bugs 418 memory leaks in registry 34 Months Ago 34 Months Ago
Bugs 414 MTOM file transfer mail fail with mime type different from NULL 42 Months Ago 42 Months Ago
Bugs 410 multiple start and stop generate error 47 Months Ago 47 Months Ago
Bugs 407 dpws_server_shutdown does not reset the state of the server and reactor 50 Months Ago 50 Months Ago
Bugs 406 dpws_process_request end in infinite loop 51 Months Ago 51 Months Ago
Bugs 405 Memory leak in the IPv6 Linux version of al_get_netif_info() 53 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 404 Empty element parsing unjustified error in configuration field parsing 53 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 403 Segmentation fault can occur when using only one version of the DPWS specification 53 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 402 exception when dpwscore.xml configured with https listener 55 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 401 HTTP GET vulnerability on windows 55 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 398 WCF Interoperability issue: MTOM file transfert raises an exception 63 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 397 bug when calling al_get_netif_info on specific platforms 63 Months Ago 53 Months Ago
Bugs 396 da_is_included questionable 63 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 369 Memory leak in WS-Management generic server... 79 Months Ago 76 Months Ago
Bugs 298 Inconsistencies in dpws_probe_address(_ex) return codes... 95 Months Ago 95 Months Ago
Bugs 282 Result Failed for Basic Profile 1.1 compliant 99 Months Ago 99 Months Ago
juanzhi liu Contact juanzhi liu Senior Developer View
André Guérard Contact André Guérard Senior Developer View
Bugs 387 al_stream_seek wrong definition 68 Months Ago 68 Months Ago
Feature Requests 332 FreeBSD port for DPWSCore 87 Months Ago 87 Months Ago
Lars Smit Contact Lars Smit Developer View
Claude Abadie Contact Claude Abadie User View
Denis Morand Contact Denis Morand User View
Bruce Lueckenhoff Contact Bruce Lueckenhoff User View
Rajendra Alluri Contact Rajendra Alluri User View
Ted Han Contact Ted Han User View
Tim Ren Contact Tim Ren User View
Jiqiang HU Contact Jiqiang HU User View
Andrew Gillan Contact Andrew Gillan User View
Frédéric de Bovée Contact Frédéric de Bovée User View