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RE: [DDT] Analysis and conceptions docs [ Reply ]
By: ludovic mussier on 2009-12-10 14:54
I've just update the docs (on the svn) to reflect our current idea on the DDT packages.
The DDT Software Design doc presents the DDT modules, we've put some info on what the module are suppose to do, feel free to comment our choices.

[DDT] Analysis and conceptions docs [ Reply ]
By: ludovic mussier on 2009-12-09 15:19

We've just initialize the DDT (former Builder V2) svn here https://forge.soa4d.org/svn/dpws-user-tools/DDT

For the moment only conception docs are available here https://forge.soa4d.org/svn/dpws-user-tools/DDT/trunk/docs/Conception, you'll see *.doc files and a UML folder, in that folder we've put a rhapsody modeller project.
-> Use case diags
-> Sequence diags
-> Package diags

To view those diags you'll need Rhopsody modeller tool http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/r/modeler/
This is a free, easy to install, tool.

For the moment those files are early drafts
Comments/remarks they are welcome!