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Project Filelist for DPWS Core

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.5.0

Release Notes
* Features

  - New "Light reboot" feature (FR #304)that allows to change
  network configuration while server is running with minimal service
  interruption and without having to reconfigure the stack. The API
  involved in this are:
    * dpws_update_network() allows to reload network configuration
       while server is running,
    * dpws_server_init_ex() can now be used while the server is
      running which triggers an asynchronous listener change.
  - Wake up socket bound on loopback to avoid DOS attack.
  - Absolute presentation URLs now accept a wildcard to use
    automatically the IP address of the WS-Metadata request and
    then adapt automatically to the used IP version (FR #392).
  - Configuration macro DC_NO_TIMEWAIT_PROTECTION added
    to solve problems with specific, not compliant web servers (FR

* Fixes:

  - Bug fixes: SOA4D #330,#384,#389,#390,#391,#393,#394
  - AL: SOA4D #385,#388

* Packaging

  - OpenSSL libraries dependencies added to all samples Visual
    Studio solutions even if not using https since delivered lib
    depends on it.
  - Visual Studio 2010 toolchain added.
  - Fix about OpenSSL libraries order in samples Linux makefiles.