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DPWSCore 2.5.1 released

St├ęphane ROUGES - 2014-02-14 11:27 - DPWS Core

Maintenance release including:

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DPWSCore 2.5.0 released

St├ęphane ROUGES - 2013-03-08 10:33 - DPWS Core

Version 2.5.0 of DPWSCore has just been released.

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DPWSCore 2.4.0 released

Antoine MENSCH - 2012-03-21 16:36 - DPWS Core

Version 2.4.0 of DPWSCore has just been released. It contains bug fixes, minor API changes and new tools (code generator and runtime library) for developing Web-based applications that can interact with DPWS devices, using JavaScript.

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DPWSCore 2.3.2 released

Antoine MENSCH - 2010-09-17 12:49 - DPWS Core

Version 2.3.2 of DPWS Core has just been released. It is a bug-fixing release, fixing both runtime and packaging bugs. Details are provided in the package release notes.

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DPWSCore 2.3.1 released

Antoine MENSCH - 2010-04-15 14:51 - DPWS Core

The version 2.3.1 of DPWSCore has been released. It is an urgent replacement of version 2.3.0 released yesterday, which contained a critical bug preventing WS-I BasicProfile 1.1 interoperability.

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DPWSCore 2.3.0 released

Antoine MENSCH - 2010-04-13 15:34 - DPWS Core

The version 2.3.0 of DPWSCore has been released. Noteworthy new features include:

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The DPWS 2.2.0 final version is released

Fabrice DEPEISSES - 2009-09-23 14:45 - DPWS Core

The DPWSCore runtime is now distributed under the BSD license

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BSD license

Fabrice DEPEISSES - 2009-08-21 07:04 - DPWS Core

For fostering the adoption of SOA architecture and web services technology at device level in embedded and resource-constrained environments, both in open-source and proprietary programs, the SOA4D steering committee has decided to update all SOA4D-DPWS core stacks and their extensions from the LGPL to the BSD license (Berkeley Software Distribution) . New versions will be released in the coming weeks

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IMPORTANT: The SOA4D will be stopped during several hours

Fabrice DEPEISSES - 2009-06-30 16:12 - DPWS Core

The SOA4D forge service will be stopped from July 2th, 2009 7 p.m to July 3rd, 2009 2 p.m (french time) for maintenance purpose. The SOA4D will not be reachable during this time.

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The DPWS 2.1.0 final version was released

Fabrice DEPEISSES - 2009-04-20 16:48 - DPWS Core

This last version includes new features such as Configuration by an XML file, Dynamic deployment framework using the WS-Management protocol, a Generic XML processing API (EPX), XML file processing facilities, Multiple interface support, External HTTP server pluggability.

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A new DPWS C stack package available

  2008-10-03 15:04

Wiki plugin

  2008-03-17 16:49

2.1M3 package re-generated

  2008-01-10 09:07

First packages to download are available

  2007-07-26 14:05