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Framework Design Template: Communication Profile

Implementation related: how data is exchanged

- It is associated a unique CP identifier that reports:
  + Transfer protocol (e.g., CoAP, REST_WS, DDS, JMS) 
  + Security mechanism (e.g., DTLS, TLS, none)
  + Data format (e.g., XML, EXI, XTREE, JSON, IDL)

It contains:

- Message exchange patterns: request-response, publish-subscribe, one-to-many, etc
- How security is handled
- Endpoints, format depending on transfer protocol (IP address/port? XMPP chat room? AMQP queues and exchanges?)
- Name of functions used for encoding / decoding
- Meta-data used for transmission
- Encoding: XML, JASON, etc. It must report examples of encoded messages
- Pointers for external documents:
  + Standards used in the CP: EXI, XML, TLS, DDS, etc
  + Formal schema for encoding / decoding: xsd files, etc